7 reasons to decide for ISSBS
  • 1.
    Contemporary and internationally comparable study programmes.
  • 2.
    Inclusion of field experts in the faculty's education.
  • 3.
    E-education as a support to the faculty's process of education.
  • 4.
    Some optional courses are offered in English.
  • 5.
    Student mobility in a form of exchanges and student placements in the EU member states in the frames of the Erasmus programme.
  • 6.
    Lectures given by top Slovene and foreign experts.
  • 7.
    Continuous concern for quality of education, personal approach, tutors.
Milestones of the faculty
October 2016
First implementation of doctoral programme in English
June 2016
10th anniversary of ISSBS
March 2016
International Evaluation of ISSBS
February 2015
International accreditation of study programmes Business in Contemporary Society and Knowledge Management
January 2014
Awarding the honorary title of Professor Emeritus to Dr. Daniel Melavc, Prof., and Dr. Mitja I.Tavčar, Assoc. Prof.
October 2013
First implementation of doctoral programme Knowledge Management
September 2013
Successfully Extended Accreditation by Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education for ISSBS and its 4 Study Programmes for 7 years
April 2013
Graduate Selma Duranović receives crystalline Celje coat of arms by Celje City Council for excellence throughout the study period at ISSBS.
March 2013
Accredited doctoral programme Knowledge Management
January 2013
Beginning of infrastructural programme Centre for supporting Research in Knowledge Management”
December 2012
First graduates of the study programme Management and Quality in Education
June 2012
Founding of international academic publisher ToKnowPress with partners Kasetsart University, Thailand, and Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland
May 2012
Start issuing of International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning
May 2012
European Commission awards ISSBS with HR Excellence in Research Award
March 2012
Training programmes for adults about Entrepreneurship and European Union in cooperation with UPI Žalec.
January 2012
Project EU-PIKA with eight events within the Jean Monnet programme "Learning EU at school”
December 2011
Graduation ceremony
November 2011
November 2011 - First project in the frames of the 7 FP
October 2011
October 2011 - Round tables
August 2011
First graduate from the study programme Business in Contemporary Society (full-time)
June 2011
First international scientific conference on management, knowledge and learning MakeLearn entitled »Knowledge as Business Opportunity«
June 2011
First workshop »Writing Scientific Articles for International Journals«
June 2011
Second international summer school
December 2010
Mag. Rado Pezdir from ISSBS is awarded the title Celjan of the Year 2010
December 2010
Founding of network »Alumni and friends of MFDPŠ«
December 2010
Obtaining of FIBAA international accreditation for post-graduate study programme Knowledge Management
November 2010
First two junior researchers are employed
October 2010
Offer of non-formal education to the general public (Lifelong Learning)
October 2010
First implementation of study programmes Management and Quality in Education
October 2010
Founding of ISSBS Press
September 2010
September 2010 - For more successful studies
August 2010
First graduate from the study programme Economy in Contemporary Society (full-time)
July 2010
Research and development projects in cooperation with the economy
June 2010
First international summer school entitled »Learn to Innovate in Global Business«
May 2010
First student conference »Entrepreneurship and Management in Theory and Practice«
November 2009
Publishing of the first book entitled Management and Organization Theory
October 2009
First student mobilities within the Erasmus programme
September 2009
First graduate from the study programme Knowledge Management (full-time)
February 2009
Beginning of the international research project INLearning
October 2008
First implementation of study programmes Business in Contemporary Society
September 2008
Beginning of the first of two research projects obtained on a public call of Slovenian Research Agency
September 2008
Opening of new Faculty premises
April 2008
Obtaining the statud of research organization
Oktober 2007
First implementation of study programmes Economy and Conteporary Society and Knowledge Managemen: 85 undergraduate students; 104 graduate students
August 2007
Obtaining the Erasmus university
June 2006
Founding of ISSBS and Doc. dr. Srečko Natek assumes the position of Acting Dean
June 2006
Doc. dr. Srečko Natek is named first dean of ISSBS. Pred. Suzana Košir, prof., is named Associate Dean for Education and pred. dr. Valerij Dermol is named Associate Dean for Research